Circa 1865 | rebuilt 1890

About Mowbray

In 2017, we bought Mowbray Chapel.

My passionate vision for its transformation was not shared by my husband. Reluctantly he agreed to go along with the project but remained uneasy throughout the process. Happily, for all involved, he has become one of Mowbray’s greatest fans!

The elegance of Mowbray is her simplicity. The stunning old brick walls are complemented with the blend of light and dark woodwork. The beauty of natural light shines deeply through the many panes of her magnificent windows.

Come visit. Enjoy this unique space as a gathering place for friends, or as a weekend retreat. It’s very special… perhaps even magical!

Patricia Kirby & Peter Thornton

Mowbray Chapel Historical Photo
Mowbray Chapel View to East in Chestertown Maryland

Above photos courtesy of Maryland Historical Trust, K-247

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